Opposition Leadership:Who is Winnie Kiiza.

image.jpgHon. Winnie Kiiza is one of the most admired politicians in Uganda. She is a born of Kasese who was brought up through a typical Kikonzo cultured family. She successfully went through the Ugandans Education systems and has studied to very higher levels and successfully graduated in various disciplines.

She is a politician who has raised through all political leadership Ranks. She led her people all through from the villages level not untill she started representing them at the district level.

She effectively represented her people at the district level which put her into the lime light in Kasese Distict. At the district council she was instrument at various fronts most of which were Humaniterian. She stood with the poor to ensure that services reach them.

Little did everyone knew that in all this she was positioning herself to oust one of the strongest and long serving confidants of the time in Kasese Biira Loyce Bwambale.

In her contest against the then giant she looked a grand child to Hera factor that sold her to the masses. Her eloquence is out of question, she approached issues as they were put to her and gave a logical conclusion something a few of her age at the time would do.

She was among the very first few representatives of the Rwenzori sub region in Reform agenda. She picked the zeal from the trunk of the likes of Gen. Muntu, Hon. Ruzindana, basically the PAFO team.

She has been among the few successful women Parliamentarians through her Political career. Since her time in Parlaiment she has been trusted with various positions of responsibility! Where she has shined and performed to her bosses’ satisfaction. No wonder the continue trust in her.

She is know for her courage and teamwork skills. She served as Oposition Chief Whip, Local Government Chairperson and other assignments that the Party leadership entrusted with her.

Kasese district Moman MP Winnie Kiiza was approved as the new Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. On top of her portfolio of the Women League Chair in the Forum for Democratic Change.

The National Executive Committee of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change party also approved Kira municipality MP, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, and Dokolo Woman MP, Cecilia Ogwal, as party chief whip and commissioner respectively.

Winnie Kiiza who is the country’s first female opposition leader in parliament, first came to Parliament after the 2001 general elections as a woman legislator for Kasese district.

Kiiza has a huge task ahead go of her as she will try to marshall the opposition against an overwhelming NRM majority of 302 MPs compared to FDC’s 36, 59 Independents, 15 DP and 6 UPC MPs.

Hon. Winnie Kiiza is here to put her leadership skills to work for the betterment of the nation. She is mindful of the current challenges in the Uganda’s political terrain.

Teamwork is the only key that will help her achieve even beyond her bosses’ expectations.

Hon. Winnie has the good will of the entire nation and a lot of expectations. The country will walk with you in your new assignment as you labour to salvage the Ugandan Population.

Bravo! Bravado! FDC and the entire Opposition in Uganda. Bravo! The People of Kasese for sending your daughter and now that she is at the helm of the opposition in Uganda’s Parliament, it is bad manners of you to continue stage managing cheap demonstration demanding for Musevens’ unrealistic ministries.

The World or Rwenzori will not end if Kiyonga does not become a minister. Besides he has a lot of things to do. He too knows there is life outside Power.

Congs Hon. Winnie Kiiza the new Leader of Opposition in Uganda.

Sunday Apolo

Social Justice Activist and a human rights defender

Lawyer and Political Analyst.



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